New York

By Yoml M.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Yoml. I am 19 years old. I came to the United States nine months ago. I came to the United States with my parents and my sister.
My family came to the United States because my grandparents were here. And my parents wanted to make more money. My parents just finished high school in China, so they hoped my sister and I can come to the United States to go to school and finish the college to make a good future. Before I left China, I went to say goodbye with my friends. I did something what I want to do. I ate some food I like. When I knew I could come to the United States, I bought many things what I need for myself. However, my English was bad, so I learned English before I come to the United States. I learned English just in the morning because I played with mu boy friend in the afternoon. I was sad because I could leave my love, my house and my dog. I had a black in my home in China. I love her very much. A few days, I thought the United States life will make me happy and fine. I thought the United States is a good and beautiful country. I expected I can see many people from different countries. I saw many tall building in the United States in my dream.
I went to New York City because my grandparents lived in here. When I arrived in the New York City, I felt all things are fresh and excited. I thought the New York City is a big and important city in the United States. When I arrived in the New York City, I ate America food at the first time. I could try coffee and I like ice coffee. I took the subway with my aunt. A few days, I felt something bad. I felt someone from different countries is not friendly.
I feel good in my new home now. Although my house is not big and new, I can do many things in this small house. I want to learn English to finish high school and go to the college.

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