New York

By Momoko H.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

Hi. My name is Momoko. I was from a little but beautiful city in Guangdong Province, China. I moved to New York City, America with my father, mother and sister three months ago when I was 18 years old. Now I will introduce my unforgettable immigration experience to you.
Since most of my relatives live in America, my father made a decision to move to the U.S.A. last year. My father thought that he could get a better job and give my sister and me a better future here. We spent lots of time preparing to come to the U.S. I tried my best to learn English in school and spent more time with my friends after school. I hoped that all of us could have an unforgettable memory. I also went shopping with my mother at the weekends. We had to buy more thick clothing because America is much colder than my city. Although I prepared a lot, I still left behind some of my favorite books, T-shirts and CDs because there was no more space to put them in. What a pity. I expected that I could have a new life in America. Maybe I can go to a good university, have a good job and live there happily.
When I arrived in New York, I felt a little nervous and worried because of my poor English. But once I thought about the new life that I will have I felt excited and happy. The first thing we did in the U.S. was to visit our relatives. We also went to many famous places in New York City for sightseeing and shopping such as China Town and Broadway. However, America is a little different city than I expected. In my opinion, New York is a prosperous city but actually not all places are crowed. Whatís more, some of the Americans arenít friendly. They looked down upon and laughed at the new immigrants. Also the food is not as fresh as those in China. Thus I canít taste the delicious Chinese food any more.
I have lived here for more than three months. And I had my 19-year-old birthday here. I have got used to the new home. Even I think my new home is getting more and more comfortable. I hope in the future I can get a good job and live with who I love happily forever.

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