New York

By Stellar F.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Stellar. I come from China, but now I live in New York. In the July 17, 2007 .My parent take I and my brother move to here.
My parent wanted to go to United States to run a business, and they wanted me study in the United States. So they took me to move here. When I known I prepared to came to the American. I went to tidy up my baggage and went to buy the plane ticker, other way I came to met my best friend to said goodbye. I hope they could remember me. In the American I hope I could go to collage study.
When I arriving in the United States. I feel bother and excited. Because I feel everything is new. First day my sister took me to conduct my green care and took me to go around the New York find the school to get me study. When I came to school study my teacher take to visit Brooklyn Museum and Liberty Island I feel very happy, because in here I can study more knowledge.
Now I felt so lonely, because I can’t habit here the life and I very miss my sister I hope my sister could early come here.

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