New York

By xinyu H.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

Iím a newcomer. My name is Xinyu. I came to the United States with my family from China in 2007.
Why did we come to the United States? We wanted to come the United States for in our country was crowded, the land was poor, and the children had not welfare. We just brought some clothes by plane. I played with my friends, had a BBQ with my family and gave greets to my relatives when I left behind. I have a good memory after I was in China. I thought that itís a gift for me. In America I expected to make a lot of money, had a good education, and a better life. Then we go back China to visit our relatives. That was my wish. It was coming true as soon as possible.
We felt excited, surprised, and happy when we arrived at the United States. I went on school now and I had many friends. But at the weekends I have a part time job and I like my job so much. I thought I can get a good education in the United States. We can see the beautiful, great and high build in the United States that we never seen before. The air is fresh. Everything was difficult for me, because I was a newcomer. I didnít know lots of English. Sometime somebody asked me some question but I didnít know what did her mean. So ÖÖ I was worried and tried, but I will do my best in the future.
I live a small apartment in Brooklyn. But it made me comfortable and what a beautiful house. I love it. How nice America! But also I miss my mother country and miss my relatives and my friends. What do you want to do in your future? I had a headache when my teacher asked me. How can I answer? I want to be a doctor in my mind. But I donít know it can come true or not. I will study hard and try to do my best. I always ask me donít give up your future.

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