New York

By john L.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

Today is May, 29th in 2008. I came here is half a years ago. My parent came whit me. That is the first time for me to leave to China. When I arrived in the U.S. I changed the name. Somebody will call me John.
I still remember when I was in China, I always watched the movies, I saw how rich the men, how nice the places, how developed the country, how advanced the science and technology and how strong the army. So I love America, I wanted to go to the U.S. and learn more English and knowledge, and then be a richer, mark a lot of money and put the dollar together, itís like a mountain. That is my dream. When I knew I would go to the U.S. I was supper happy. I hoped to be rich there, I hoped to be fun there and I hoped to look for a beautiful girl there. So, I was learned more English and go online to look for more information about the U.S. And I though nothing to leave behind, I only leave behind my girlfriend, my dog and my Renminbi.
When I arrived in the U.S. I though I must visit more nice places. I went to the Brooklyn, QueensÖÖ. I felt so beautiful the country itís so different between China and New York. Itís made me felt very happy and fresh. Look at the tall building. Look at the big houses, Look at the nice parks, Look at the supermakets. WA! But day by day, I live here about half a year. I had found some big problems. Mot easy to buy a house and hard to understand what the people said. Anyway, I look for job and look for house, before, because I though I must finish my dream, I canít give up. Separately, I am looking for the beautiful girls. Itís one kind of my dreams.
I must learn more English and look for house as soon as possible, because I feel very tiresome and no freedom to live with my whole family. In the future, Iíll study hard and go to the great collage, learn more knowledge and be a businessman, itís richer, like Bill.Gates, my Idol.

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