New York

By Qi Wen M.
Grade 11, New York
Country of Origin: China

Iím Qi Wen. Iím from China. I came to the United States with my family in December 2006. My father went to United Stares for seven years. He worked hard and saved money, so we could come to US.
When I knew the news. I feel very happy. My classmate made a book about the school I went to travel many places. I bought new to keepd my clothes.
I arrived United States. I feel so happy. But I feel lonely. All the people speak English. I didnít understand. My father take us went to our new house. I feel surprise. The house was so nice. In another day. I went to China town to drank tea, and then we went to department store to shopping. I bought many new clothes in department store.
In the future. I wanted to be a doctor. This job can help many people and get a lot of money. I will find better life.

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