New York

By Lan Y.
Grade 10, New York
Country of Origin: China

I am a new immigrant; I am an 18 year old girl. I came to the United States on October 18, 2007. I knew that many immigrants from China live in the U.S.
I knew that it is not easy to have a good life in the U.S. The immigrants come to the U.S to study, and to work hard. Because we speak the different language, we can not communicate, so we have to study hard. Now matter what happens, we know that we can do that.
I came with my father, mother and my brother. I came to the U.S because I followed my father. Of course, I want to have a good education, so I can have a good life. I left the dog which I love most, the bike which I usually use to go to school, and all of my good friends. I knew that I will go to the U.S, but my heart left in my country. After I knew that I would go to the U.S, I expected that I could have a good education there. I wanted my family all be happy, and I could adapt to the life of the U.S.
After I arrived in the United States, I went to my grandmotherís house because I will live there. I went to many beautiful place of the U.S. Then I went to the school called LESP to study. I felt that New York City was a beautiful city and people here are very nice. However, I felt that I will be curious about this city. Now, I have part time job here so I go to work after class is over. I study hard every day. I expected that I could study hard to have a good grade in LESP. Finally, I want to be able to use English to easily talk with Americans.
I felt that there are many problems in my new home because about 4 families live in one house and some people are not nice. However, I wanted them all be happy because they all my kinfolks. I had an ideals that to be a translator in the future. I knew that it is hard for me to do this, but no matter how hard I will do my best. Now matter I can do it or not. I think that coming to the U.S is the beginning of my life.

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