New York

By zhenxuan f.
Grade 11, New York
Country of Origin: China

My name is Ico. In April 4, 2006. I came to the United States. I came to the United Sates with my parent and my sister. I am 17 years old. I came from GuangDong China. I want to United Sates to change my life.
I remember I left China. I had a lot of work to do. I need bought clothes. I know the United States weather was very cold. I needed to see my best friends. I talked about I will do the doctor job in the future. I will play games with my friends. I expected I went to the U.S. I want to do the doctor. I want to college study English and met some friends. I want to get marries in the United States. I want prepare by airplane to come to the United States.
I am arriving in the United States. I felt very excited and happy. I saw many different people of this country. I want to go to the 8AV. This my homes address. In the home I saw the newspaper to find a job. I made friends in the New York. I went to find a school and learned more English because the United States if you donít know English not to spend more money.
I felt very happy I stayed in the United States. Unite Sates have a good games made me a lot of about good life. In the United Sates will help me mad more money and many friends. I will have good left future in the United States. I study a lot of English, cook and culture in the United States will change my life. The United States is very beautiful in the world.

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