By Calista M.
Grade 4, Other

It was a very upesting day when me and my little brother were evacuated.I'm not sure if he was bothered but I was worried about what our carers would be like, whether they would be strict and horrible, or kind and loving.While I had been daydreaming, a bomb had hit the ground.It was time to go and then I found out that me and my brother had been separated!I had a strict carer and he had a kind one.Mine made me do chores and all sorts of jobs.Sometimes, I would daydream and think about my brother.She'd tell me off!I wondered if he was having a lovely time or if she wasn't that nice at all!!!I wrote letters to his carer.I wondered when the war would end and everyone would have peace but, I knew that that would be years away.I tried to stop the war but that only made it worse!

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