By Cade R.
Grade 8, Georgia

Bang!Bang!What is your opinion on gun control? Do you think it is bad or do you think we need it?
There are millions of deaths each year in the United States because of pistols and illegal machine guns.
I am a hunter personally but I don't own handguns. Deer rifles are okay because you use them for hunting and you can't sneek a rifle into a place where guns are not allowed.
People are complaining that they need protection, but you could go buy a shotgun or a deer rifle for that problem. You dont need handguns and machine guns for protection.
I know that this is jepordizing peoples jobs,but if you are a competition shooter then you should have a license for your guns. Police,soldiers,and competition shooters are the only people who should own a handgun.
Thank you for acknowledging my concerns for gun control. Please save America and take away handguns and machine guns.

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