By Anita X.
Grade 10, Virginia

When I finish my education from school, I want to do different jobs. For example, I want to become a fashion designer, a movie star, and a super model. But what Iím go to do for those jobs I like?
My first job I want to do is be a fashion designer. When I have that job, I may need to design a lot of things in the time my boss ask me to do. My boss may send me to Paris to learn fashion things, and look at what the people like to wear. I will need to learn what the people in France like to sell, and likes to buy for them. Thatís what my job needs me to do.
My second job I want to do is a movie star, because I watch a lot of movies. I will have a lot of fun being a movie star. I really want to be one of them, can fly in the sky, move fast, and be beautiful. The people will be crazy about me, will want to have my picture and they will ask me to for my autograph. They will want to take a picture with me, and want to know what will happen in my next movie.
My third job I want to do is to become super model for some company, someone, or be my own model. I can earn a lot of money from where I work, can have a perfect body size, and can have more people see my face around the world.
Everyone has a good reason to work hard, practice all the time, and improve themselves. Having a good future is important for every single person. If you get a better job, get a better life. It is important isnít it?

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