By laura r.
Grade 9, Virginia

Laura R final
Period 1/2
Why Are You Thankful?
I am thankful for my mom and my dad because they are the best and they are very special with me and my brothers. My parents give the same love to all of us. They are also very nice with my uncles in both Honduras and the United States. I am also thankful for my grandmother because I love her so much.
I am thankful for my parents because they are the best parents in the whole world especially with me because Iím the only girl in the house. This is why they take care of me so much and they also care for my three brothersí sometimes they treat me special They always help me by telling me to study and to learn English so one day I can have a good education and . And they tell me not to do bad things; for example donít smoke or drink.
Now I am going to talk about my grandmother who is in Honduras. She said she missed me and I told her I missed her too because she was so nice with me when I was in Honduras. When I was little she was living with me and she saw me while I grew up.
This is the end and this is why Iím thankful for my family and my parents. They are always there when I want to talk to them. I am also thankful for other people like my friends.

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