By Keydi L.
Grade 10, Virginia

Keydi final
ESOL Period 1 and 2

What Do I Want To Do With My Life?
Well in my life I want be a lot things, but I have just three important dreams, like to be a Soldier, a Lawyer and a Doctor I hope to be one of three things in my future.
In my future I want be United States soldier. That is one of my dreams. I hope as soon as next year I can go into the Army (R.O.T.C).After 4 years, I can go to South Carolina to complete my training. I also want to be soldier because they make you strong in your mind and in you body. They pay you a lot of money for college and yourself. That is one of my dreams and I hope I can accomplish this in the future.
Well, if I canít be a soldier I also have another dream, and that dream is to be a lawyer to help the immigrant people who donít have the proper documents to find jobs. I want does that because my parents were here without documents to work. When my sister and I came to the United States we came with documents we didnít walk, run, or sleep in the desert like the people than do not have proper documents. We have to do something to help the immigrant people of this country. If you really want to help the people that donít have documents you should do it because your parents didnít have any kind or documents to work your help I think that it is hard to them because some people are racist when they are working in some place where do they need a kind of legal documents to work in. Also I want show to some people who donít believe me that I can become a lawyer just because I did something wrong in the past with my life. I want make a lot of money to help my parents when they became older in the future.
Also my last dream is be doctor because I can cure and help people with illness or injuries. I want help them to become well. Some people have a lot of questions like how do you know when someone is sick? It is easy because you can perform a blood test.
Well those are my three dreams and I know I have to choose just one or two. I think I want be Soldier and a Doctor. I think I can accomplish my goal just studying hard and be focused with what I want do with my life.

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