By yamileth v.
Grade 9, Virginia

My favorite holiday is Christmas because it is so fun. The first reason why Christmas is my favorite holiday is because we have food. The second reason is presents and decorations that make my house beautiful. And the last reason is because we have a big party. I think Christmas is the best holiday.
First my mom and my dad go to a supermarket like shoppers. My mom and my dad choose what food my mom needs to cook. I do not help my mom because I donít like to cook, and because if I do something bad my mom is mad with me. That is why I donít help her. My mom cooks so deliciously. My momís makes the special food. The favorite food of the family is Panes Rellenos. That is the food we eat on Christmas.
The second reason is the presents and the decorations. My mom, my dad, my sister, and me, we see what presents to buy for my uncles, cousins, or other people. Them we put the presents under the tree. My favorite job is doing the decorations. My sister and me we put the tree that my father buys. I put lights to make my house look beautiful and my favorite job to be making my hose like a nigh club because we dance. That is the second reason why I like charismas.
The last reason is dancing, and my family we like to dance a lot. We invited my friends and they invited their friends the it is so fun because sometimes I meet new people. We like to dance Kunbia, Meringue, Salsa, Bachata, Punta, and my favorite is reggaeton with my friends. My dad always looks at me because he doesnít approve of that dance. Because if you know that dance is so hot in sexy that why my mom she doesnít like when I dance reggaeton. That why we make a big party to Christmas.
Those are my reason why Christmas is my favorite holiday. Because we make food, we buy present and decorate the house and we make a party. That is why I love Christmas.

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