By Anita X.
Grade 10, Virginia

Of all the holidays throughout the year, Christmas Day is my favorite. I like Christmas Day because we always have good food to eat, we can spend time with family, and we can go to watch movies. Christmas Day is truly the best holiday.
First of all, my uncle cooks the best food on Christmas Day. We always have chicken. My aunt cooks the best soup, rice, and noodles. My mother cooks some Chinese food for us. For me, my job is to cook some cake, fruit plate, and mash potato. Yes, the Christmas meal is the best.
Next, it is always fun when my family gets together on Christmas Day, because we can spend time to talk about what all of us did this past year. We talk about what we have learned, and what we want to do in the future. We all have a great time when we are together.
Finally, I love to watch movies on Christmas Day. At night we all go to the movie theater to watch a movie. We eat popcorn in the movie theater, drink soda, and have some snack. The movies are a great ending to a perfect holiday.
Christmas Day is a wonderful holiday. Eating good food, being with my family, and watching movies make the holiday extra special. No wonder the Christmas Day is my favorite holiday.

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