By maricela m.
Grade 11, Kansas

Everyone has a favorite holiday. Today this world has many holidays. But, my favorite holiday is Christmas. Christmas is favorite holiday because I can spend time with my family, eat delicious food and decorate in the house.
These three things are so important for a holiday, event or party. On Christmas the people can spend the time with their family and friends. On Christmas we spend the day together with my family and friends. This year invited some friends to come to our house. We had a good day together, my mother, my sister, my brother and my friends Regina, Claudia, Orlando, and Tatiana. All these people are so special for me. I think the family is so important.
In Christmas, all events or parties need food and drinks. When celebrates my family a celebrates, my mother and I me make the food. We cook different types like chicken with rice, tortillas, chocolate and coffee.Althugh for Christmas we put some candy on the table for example: lollipop, chocolate and gum. My mother cooks very delicious food. I love how my mother cooks.
Another reason why I like Christmas is because all families can decorate their house. But, my family never uses decorations because we are Christian. We never use a Christmas tree, stockings or Santa Claus. My mother cleans everyday the house, but for Christmas, she changes some things .For example, she changes the tablecloth the sofas and moves the table to other place. When my mother finishes cleaning the house it looks so beautiful.
Also in Christmas is a good day because we can invite family and friends over, cook food and to make the house. We make jokes with people because that days a happy day. But, for Christmas my family and friends eat lot of food because they are starving Christmas. I love Christmas because it is a good holiday and a nice party to spend time together.

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