By Steven S.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Mexico

Immigrant Interview by Steven

Steven: What is your name?
Georgina: Georgina Vazquez.

Steven: Where did you come from?
Georgina: Guerrero, Mexico.

Steven: Why did your family decide to leave Mexico?
Georgina: More opportunity in America and life in Mexico is very hard. You work all the time and never have anything.

Steven: How long have you lived in America?
Georgina: 20 years.

Steven: Are you glad you came to America?
Georgina: Yes.

Steven: Do you like that Obama is president?
Georgina: beyond all words “Wonderful”.

Georgina: I was very lucky to immigrate to America. It is the best country in the world. Opportunity in America is for everyone no matter raise, color, or position

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