By morgan p.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Germany

Immigrant Questions

1. Where did you come from?
a. Southwest of England Corn Wall
2. Why did your family decide to leave
a. She came by herself
3. What year did you come in?
a. 1993
4. Are you an American citizen?
a. Yes, for 2 years
5. What was the biggest challenge coming to America?
a. Transportation
6. Are you glad you came?
a. Yes
7. Why did you come to Bright?
a. Her husband
8. Where did you first live?
a. Charlotte, NC
9. What did you do first?
a. Teach German
10. How long did it take
a. 8 hours on a plane and then 6 hours in a car
11. What were you most afraid of when you were coming to America?
a. Wasn’t scared, was excited
12. What was your biggest adjustment?
a. Food
13. Who was the first person that you met?
a. One was her husband
14. Did any of your siblings immigrate?
a. No, but they want to
15. How long did you work at the school?
a. 7 years

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