By benjamin w.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Burundi

Interview with Furaha

Furaha Kagoma is a girl just learning English. She has lived in America for 1 years.

Ben: How old are you?
Furaha: 10.

Ben: Where did you come from?
Furaha: Tanzania, Africa.

Ben: What did you leave behind?
Furaha: Clothes, a goose, and a chicken.

Ben: What did you bring?
Furaha: Clothes.

Ben: Are you glad you moved here?
Furaha: Yes.

Ben: What did you expect America looked like in Africa ?
Furaha: buildings, houses, people, and trees.

Ben: What do you like least ? And why?
Furaha: mountains, there weren't mountains in Africa.

Ben: what do you like best? And why?
Furaha: books, they are funny. Schule (school in swahili) meeting kids. My pink room, I like pink.

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