By Charlie C.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Brazil

Charlie C
Interview an Immigrant

Charlie: What is your full name?

Charlie: Where did you emigrate from?

Charlie: Why did you leave?
Renata:__My father offered a job to build.

Charlie: Was it hard coming to the new country?

Charlie: What was the biggest challenge you`ve faced when coming to America?
Renata:__The language

Charlie: What happened when you got to America?
Renata My parents put me in school.

Charlie: Did any other relatives come with you?
Renata: My parents and my sister.

Charlie: Where did you learn English?
Renata: I had English in Brazil.

Charlie: How many languages do you speak?
Renata Four and those are English, Portugese, Italian and Spanish. Charlie : Do you miss your country?
Renata: Sometimes

Charlie: Are you a United States citizen?
Renata: Not yet, I am a legal resident.

Charlie: What is your favorite thing about America?
Renata: Everything

Charlie: What is your least favorite thing about America?
Renata: I wish we enjoyed the moment more.

Charlie: How did you arrive in America?
Renata: Airplane

Charlie: Was it hard to leave your friends?
Renata: Very hard.

Charlie: How old were you when you left?
Renata: 17.

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