By Lauren W.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Germany

I interviewd my uncle Udo S. I interviewed him over the phone. The reason I interviewed him was because, he was the only one in my family that immigrated from another country. Here's his story: The reason he came to America was because he heard it was the land of opurtunity and he knew if he worked hard he would have a good life. He came by airplane and arrived in New York City. When he first got there he was guarding the bags because there was a boy who wanted to help them with the bags but he was afraid the boy was going to steal them. Udo was twelve years old when he arrived. He came from Germany in the month of November in 1966. He was very excited when he arrived. Before he arrived though,he knew it would be a big,big country because he had read about it. As soon as he arrived in New York he couldn't belive the big buildings. He wasn't alone when he came he came with his mother and two brothers. Before I was done interviewing him I asked him one last question. What did you have incommen with the oter immigrants? He said: the same positive feeling about America. That was the end of the interview.

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