By Katie M.
Grade 3, Connecticut

My grandpa who I call Poppy was in the Vietnam War. He was in the Air Force and worked in the hospital. At the time Poppy was 22-26.The Vietnam War took place from 1963-1972. Poppy was living in Williams Air Force base, in Chandler, Arizona. Poppy was a Hospital Administrator which means he took care of military personal. Some challenges poppy faced where that you didn’t know where you were going. You where uncertain of where you would go because you could be with your family one day and the next someone would tell you that you had to go off to the war. Poppy’s feelings at the time were proud to be a member of the air force and proud to be serving his country Poppy’s feelings about it now are that he thinks it was a wonderful experience and helped him in later life to face difficult challenges. I am always very proud of Poppy for helping are country.

-This interview is dedicated to Poppy, who I will always love so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This interview was interviewed by Katie

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