South Carolina

By Aaliyah 5.
Grade 5, South Carolina

My family always wants us to try our best but if we dont they would get mad at us but they would still love thing is that if we do something bad we would get in trouble our grandma beacause our parents always tell thing everthing bad we do and every time they do that I get very mad at them but in a few day I would forgive them and dont worry about it any more.after that we always eat together as a family and talk about so many things like what did we do at school or what happen at school but sometimes we dont eat together because we always like being by our self and dont like talking about all that stuff.the lat thing is that we love our chuther very much and we will always love our chuther because we do so many things together like go on trip to have fun and we always like to make our chuther laugh when one of make a funny joke thats why we love our chuther very much.

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