By Ronnisha T.
Grade 10, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Poland

Seymour was an 8 year old immigrant from Lodz Poland. His parents thought that sending him to America would give him more oppurtunities to succeed. It was bad during this time because World War One had just ended. So Seymour and his father boarded a ship called the Lapland, the ship was crowded and miserable, it took two weeks to get to Ellis Island. The rest of Seymour's family stayed behind because they didnt have enough money to all go over at that time. Seymour and his father decided to earn the money for his family to come over to New York. That's exactly what they did. After Seymour was released from detainment for having a cold he began to sing at school and he even performed at some concerts. He eventually earned enough money to bring his family over to America but in the years that passed the rules of immigration had changed and they wouldnt allow his family to come to New York. A congressman who heard Seymour sing loved it and arranged for him to sing for the predsident. The president enjoyed it and helped him get his family over to America.

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