By Chabely R.
Grade 9, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Poland

In a city of Lodz,Poland lived a boy named Seymour.Seymour's uncle send 2 tickets for him and his father to go to America. So they leafed for a 2 week trip on a ship.Seymour and his father had a bad trip of there.They stayed in the steerage of the boat and they were crowed with a lot of other people.Seymour got on the deck of the ship in his white suit,cheering because they all saw the statue of liberty.Seymour and his father entered the U.S.A threw Ellis Island.They asked his father a lot of questions,Seymour got checked out to see if he was sick and they found out that he had a cold,and he had to stay in a strange room with other sick kids.He got better and his father and uncle picked him up an he felt a rush of joy.Seymour made money by singing in a concert.In 1924 he had the money to bring his family,but they didn't get permission to come .There was a congressman that helped Seymour and his father to bring them over.Seymour in life he became a star of Yiddish theater, and he got married for 43 years.

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