By lashya r.
Grade 9, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Poland

In Lodz, Poland , 1912 a boy name
seymour Rechtzeit was born. while he
lived there he sang a lot and was good
at it. his parents thought they should
move to America because he would
have more opportunities there. So him
and his father set out across the
Atlantic Ocean for 2 weeks. It was a
long and dangerous journey. He got a
could that followed him the whole way
there. As the boat pass the Statue of
Liberty, people came from the
steerage (where they stayed) to the
deck and cheered.They arrived at Ellis
Island and they went to get exams and
questioned. Seymour was sck so he
had to at Ellis Island and his dad left .
while he was there he there played
with boys that were there. Soon his
cold went away and he was allowed to
leave , his father and his uncle came
to get him. He started singing in
concerts He sang for the president so
that the rest of his family could come.
It was successful. In america he got
married and became a star of a
yiddish theater.

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