By Luis A.
Grade 9, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: United States

Seymour came to the United States
from Lodz Poland because his family
decided that in America he would have
more opportunities. Other people had
come to America when Seymour came
because war war 1 had just ended, and
there was a bad time in Europe.
Seymour’s journey across the Atlantic
Ocean was miserable for him. He got
to the United States in a big boat
called “The Lapland” which took about
two weeks long, and was very
uncomfortable, and crowded. Seymour
was up on the deck in his white suit
cheering along with everyone at the
awesome site of the statue. The statue
of liberty’s length from base to torch
151’and 1”, the nose of the statue is
4’ and 6” inches long. Seymour just
entered the United States in Ellis
Island. To remain in the U.S
immigrants had to pass the medical
exam, literacy test, and legal
examination. Seymour then got sick
and had to stay in the great hall (Ellis
Island) he could not continue, so he
couldn’t go with his father for the
simple fact he was sick. When
Seymour left Ellis Island he felt the
rush of joy. Seymour started making
money by singing at concerts. In 1924
the U.S. had set a quota on immigrants
so he wasn’t able to bring the rest of
his family to America. A little while
then a congressman helped to get his
family to the U.S by having Seymour
sing at the white house in Washington
D.C. Seymour then became a star of
The Yiddish Theater.

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