By Katie K.
Grade 5, California
Country of Origin: Hungary

When Miklos was taken to America on December 24, 1956, he took a plane. He said the trip was extremely luxurious.

He was in first class on a clipper airplane from Melbourne to San Francisco. It was a double decker plane.

When they got here they took a 3-4 month tour of the U.S. with the rest of the water polo team. They played in every major city and university of the U.S. The tour was sponsored by Sports Illustrated magazine. They were given a $10,000 check in Las Vegas just for the team to have fun. They were supposed to stay in dormitories, but the players refused and said they wanted to stay in hotels. Sports Illustrated refused so the team decided to stay on the Greyhound Bus. That night he (Miklos) called some girls and said, ''Hey girls, call the newspapers and tell them the Hungarian water polo team was having a news conference at 11:00 p.m. at U.S.C.''

They got a lot of people to come. From then on, they stayed in first class hotels. Miklos was also the spokesman for the team because he was the only one who could speak English.

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