By Jovin M.
Grade 9, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Poland

The city seymour had came from is
Lodz, Poland. Seymour came to
America because there were more
opportunities for him in America.
Some of the reasons that people came
to America the same time Seymour
came to America is because World War
1 had just ended plus it was a bad
time in Europe. Seymour's journey
across the atlantic was terrible. He
was on a big boat. For two weeks were
terrible. His room was a steerage way
down at the bottom of the boat. He
was on deck with everybody else to
see the Statue Of Liberty. The hight of
the Statue Of Liberty is 151.1 feet
from the ground up. The lenght of the
nose is 4.6 feet long. Seymour entered
the United States at ellis Island. For
seymour and his dad to get into the
United States they had to go up the
stairs to the great halls for medical
and legal examinations. Seymour's
first expression was that he felt a rush
of joy. The way seymour made money
is he sang at in concerts. The problem
he had faced in 1924 is that his family
couldn't get into America. The person
that helped seymour's family get into
America was a congress man that
seymour knew. Seymour became a
star at Yiddish theater.

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