By Thomas E.
Grade 9, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Poland

Seymour was a young man from
poland who had came who had came
to fufil his dream as a singer although
he could have reached his goal in
poland he felt as though he had better
opportunities in the u.s. thats he came
to america,but thats not the only
reason why people came to america
they also came because of
money,jobs,and freedom. Seymour
had a tough time crossing the atlantic
the reason why he had a tough time
coming to Ellis island is because the
storms he had to go through to get
there and bout the time they got there
he was sick and couldn't get through
the gates. So his father came back and
got him when he felt better to take the
six second medical exam and after he
came through the gate he felt good
and excited. So he went and song to
earn money to get his family to
america but they couldn't get through
so Seymour went and song for the
president and that was his big ticket to
fame of the yiddish theater and met
his wife and got his family into

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