By tishaun b.
Grade 9, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Poland

Seymour Rechtzeit came from Lodz
Poland. He came to America for more opportunities. He came to America in
the need of food,money,and freedom.
He took a ship across the atlantic to
get to America. It took two weeks to
get to America.
The trip was miserable. On the ship it
was uncomfortable and crowded.
Seymour and the rest of the crew was
cheering because they were in america
looking at the statue of liberty. THe
statue is 151'11'' feet tall. It's nose is
4'6'' feet long.
To be able to get to America they had
to pass a six second medical exam.
The immigrants became ill because of
the journey. In America he felt good
and excited. They wouldn't let his
family in america.
There were a couple people who
helped seymour get his family in
America. The President,U.S.
leaders,and politicians helped a lot
too. Seymour became a yiddish
theater star. He made many records
and appeared on stage. While in
America he also met his wife.

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