By Almaze A.
Grade 10, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Poland

Seymour came from the city of Lod’z,
Poland. Seymour and his family felt
like there would be more opportunities
for him in America. Back around this
time was when it was a very bad time
in Europe because of the World War 1.
And many people came to america
seeking a better life because of the
after math of the war. On Seymour’s
journey to America across the Atlantic,
he kind of had it rough. They were
shipped on a big boat. Their trip was a
two-week trip, and to them it was
miserable. They came in the steerage.
The bottom of the boat. They were
lined in bunks, crowded, and
uncomfortable. One day it had been
raining. But Seymour and others were
on the deck. Seymour, in his white
suit, didn't mind the rain obviously.
He and others had been admiring the
statue. The statue of liberty was huge.
The statue of Liberty was 151’1” from
the base torch, and her nose was 4’6”.
Thats big they thought! But Seymour
entered the United States at
Manhattan, New York! In order to
enter the U.S, seymour and his father
had to do several things. They had to
exchange their homeland money for
dollars. Total they had to have $20, to
get to America. They had to prove
their plan as to what they were to do
when they got to America, and they
had to pass a literacy test. As soon as
Seymour got to America, he was
rushed with overwhelming joy. He
immediately started making money.
He started singing in concerts. In
1924, He faced a huge problem. His
family could not get permission to
enter and come to America. He so
badly wanted them to be able to come.
But there was a chain of things that
helped him get his family there with
him. It began with his voice. He sang
for the president. And he went
through congressman, and the
Politicians to get there. He had been
able to get permission for them to
come. In Seymour’s life in America, he
had accomplished becoming the star
of Yiddish Theatre. That was the
greatest thing that happened to him in
his lifetime.

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