By Canisha H.
Grade 9, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Poland

A boy named Seymour Rechtzeit lived
in Lodz, Poland and wanted to come to
America. He thought that America is a
better place for opportunties as a
child. Alot of immigrants wanted to
come to America for that reason. And
plus Europe was a bad place to be, due
to World War I ending. Seymour and
his father started crossing the Atlantic
on a ship, The Gdasnk, with others
from their country. It took them 2
weeks before they got to Ellis Island.
During the ride, it was uncomfortable,
and crowded. When they had sight of
the Statue Of Liberty, Rechtzeit went
to put on his white suit, stood on the
deck, and was cheering with others.
Seymour and his father had to get
examinations for illnesses. They
discovered that Seymour had a cold.
So they couldn't let him through. His
father had to go without him. After
staying there for a week, he finally was
able to go. His father and Uncle had to
come get him from the island. As soon
as he got there he started singing to
make money so his mother, sisters,
and brothers can come to America too.
In 1924 his family couldn't come
because there were too many here
already. So Seymour sang for the
president, and he bought his family
over here due to the amazement of his

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