By Bennie C.
Grade 9, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Poland

Seymour Rechtzeit born in Lodz, Poland. Seymour was a singer but he didn't have many opportunities. so his parents took him to Ellis island so he could be shipped off to America. Seymour explained how crowded & uncomfortable it was on the boat. He would sometimes go to the deck just so he could move around. He also explained how the immigrants and his self where celebrating the 151 ft 1 inch statue of liberty and how he was getting his white suit wet celebrating. It took the boat 2 weeks to get to American shore. Where they landed at New York. Seymour had to go to through 8 events just to get in America. Seymour first impression on America was very strong. He was making money by singing in concerts. So he started bringing to his family members to America. But in 1924 America wasn't letting immigrants come to America. Seymour still had family that had to come over seas. So there was congressmen who talk to the politics who talked to the president who said he could bring his family over.

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