By Brianna M.
Grade 9, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: United States

Seymour Rechtzeit is from Lodz
poland. He is traveling with his father.
The purpose if him going to America is
so that he came have more
opportunities. Alot of people in
Seymour's time came to America
because so that they can have better
homes, light, and more transportation.

Seymour was a little boy when he was
going to America. His trip wasn't the
best trip ever. It took 2 weeks for him
and the other immigrants to get to
America. There was over more than 12
million people on the boat. The rooms
were in steerage. When they got there
Seymour was standing on top of the
deck with his white suit on cheering
with the others.

They arrived in Ellis Island located in
New York. The immigrants had to go
through hard times getting in
America. They had to take a six second
exam. If they dont pass that exam
they have to take a full exam. While
entering the United States him and his
father had took the exam and they had
to spilt apart. The reason why is
because his father had passed the
exam but Seymour had a little cold.

Seymour was stuck on Ellis Island for a
few days so that he can get better.
After he got better he left Ellis Island
and started his new life in America. He
started making money. Seymour
became a young singer. He sung in
concerts ant theaters.

In 1924 Seymour faced hard times it
his family. He raised the money so
that they can come down. But they
couldn't come because they didn't
have permission. After a while he
started singing for the president.
Seymour told him that he wanted his
family to come down with him but they
couldn't. So he the president in that
time helped him get his family back

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