By Cheryl'e G.
Grade 11, Minnesota

Why should people judge you by the things you wear, and not by who are and what you will become? To me it's just like people who talk about others like that came from a situation just like that and they are glad because they are not the one getting the finger pointed at them. However people tease other because they have more then you and they don't have to worry about anything.
People who don't have it all the appreciate what they have, on the other hand people who already have it all don't appreciate it as much because they believe they deserve more because they are so use to getting it all and they want more how selfish huh! Being picked on by the way you live or by the things you wear is really like getting picked on about the color of their skin, because it hurt as much as that do. I donít think that is fair to do to someone when they already know they donít have it all they really donít need you to inform them about it again that they canít afford what you can.
Itís not really the childís fault they have to wear what they wear and live have they live; I believe itís more on the parents. Have you ever thought about what type of job their parents have, or how much they make and how much have to go on bills? Although the child is hurting the parent is hurting as well or even more, because they see that their child is being picked on because of what they donít have enough money to buy them everything that the kids today is wearing.
People all over the world is being teased for many different reasons, but the biggest issue today is that they are being teased about how they dress, I donít think it is fair for others to tease someone else, but I would advise that person who is doing the teasing is to put yourself in the other person shoes, and try and live their life and see how will you feel if you had to live their life if someone was teasing you, and then maybe you will fell how the other person may felt when they was being teased.
If you donít like the life of being teased then that should tell you not to tease others.

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