By Lauren S.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

My grandmother lived in Germany over the course of the war and she experienced an incredible event. One night, her hometown of Dresden was being bombed and everyone was down in the bomb shelters when she went into labor. Her husband was away at war when her first son was being born. In the middle of all the bombing, and panicked people, she was having a baby. I cannot imagine how hard that would be. Each of these events is big enough, but having a baby while your hometown was being bombed, thatĘs just amazing. As the young boy grew, the war just went on and on, without return of my grandfather. By the time he did come back from the war, his son was three years old and had missed a lot of his sonĘs childhood. This young boy is my uncle. The war tore families apart and brought many tragic times. My family was lucky enough to not experience anything too drastic, but that does not mean the war didn't bring hardships.

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