New York

By Nihada A.
Grade 12, New York
Country of Origin: BosniaHerzegovina

At this time the United States has allowed many immigrants to come here and live a better life. I am aware of that, because I am one of those people.
My name is Nihada, I was born on November 11,1988, in a small city of Bosnia, called Zvornik. I was 4 years old when the war started in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My family and I were blessed to survive all the bad things that have happened throughout those 5 years of war. After escaping from our home, we didn't have another place to go to, to call it a home. We were moving from one place to another all the time till September 06,2001. On that day, I arrived to the United States of America with my father, mother, older sister, and younger brother. The main reason why my parents have decided to come here is to be able to build a home and a better life for my sister, my brother and me. I've started going to school right away. Unable to understand what the teachers were saying and other students in school, it was were frustrating. I did not know of a library before, and when I've discovered one here, I was going to it everyday after school. The reading of the books; which I barely understood have helped me learn the language faster and made my classes easier for me. My second year of attending Middle School in ,N.Y. I've became a National Honor Society student. I kept doing the best of work that I could throughout my high school years at HS. After my HS graduation, I've decided to continue my education at Community College, majoring in Criminal Justice. Last year I have graduated from there, receiving my associate degree in Criminal Justice. At the moment I am a student at College, in, N.Y.,majoring in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security. When I was younger I was only dreaming about all this, I never actually thought that one day I will go away for college and have a chance of succeeding in life. My parents still live in NY, in our lovely home.
My sister is married and has beautiful two baby boys. My younger brother is freshman .
I am very grateful for having a chance to come to America and to find a better life. I love it here, and I will never forget what this country has done for my family and me.
I hope that many other people will live to experience a better life in this beautiful county.

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