By Masallay S.
Grade 11, Virginia

Being thankful is not something you say to be nice. To me it means to actually appreciate and to love something so much that it is a part of my life forever. I am thankful for so many things, but the ones that I am about to talk about are the main ones. I am really thankful for my beloved family, boyfriend, friends and many varieties of music.

First I am really thankful for my beloved family because they don’t only put me in this world. But they also protect me and support me. As I grow and advance spiritually and socially. When I say spiritually, I mean they guide me by what the lord says. But the thing that my parents really do is love me for ‘’who I am’’.

Second the other thing that I am also grateful for is my boyfriend. I am very and openly thankful for my boyfriend Wusu because he means the whole world to me. He came to my life when I was lonely and looking for someone. And he just came in right time to make me feel like a woman again. He is very kind, gentle, caring and loving. If I say I will describe him I will take a whole year for that. I am very thankful to have him in my life.
Third, I would have to put my best friends. Such as my best friend Susana. My friends including Susana have supported me. And have always been there for me to comfort and just make my life better. So basically Susana plays a big part in what I am thankful for, because without friends it’s like having a big part taken away. I love all my best friends Susana, Amina and Gifty. They all make me happy when I am with them, they are fun to chill with.

The last one but not the least is I am thankful for many varieties of music, such as hip hop, rap, classical, R&B and country music. One of my favorite types of music is R&B music. Music builds me up and makes my day. Music can describe my feelings, attitudes, and my life style. Like for me I love to dance and do it every day. Music just gives me that jump to dance with all I have got. I am really thankful for music.

Finally the reason why I choose my beloved family, boyfriend, friends and many varieties is because they all make me happy. As for music when I am stressed it releases me. My family such as my mom and dad has helped me in so many ways. They love me with all their heart. My friends always make me laugh and happy with their funny jokes. As for my boyfriend he always advice me to listen to my mom.

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