Grade 9, Virginia

And how I'm making my cousins to have a great future, thanks to my grandfather.

My cousin, the one who follows my footsteps 98% of the time, my cousin is 13 years old, he use to say I'm his inspiration he still says it but I know for I've taught him he's like a grown up. His name is Elie people used to call him Kaien. For me my opinion would be for him is that he's gonna have a great future.
Two more of my followers are Yabi and Uziel, Yabi is 13 years old and Uziel is 10 years old, they are my crazy cousins because they are always getting in trouble, their funny, etc. My plan with them is to teach them respect at least. Because respect to me is very important without it is gonna be difficult to live in this life. Like another thing to be honest on yourself and not to lie for me lying is very serious I hate it when people like they just keep going on lying and its just like normal for them they develop that until they get caught.
And now I・m gonna talk about my grandfather the one who made the one I am now and I gotta admit my mom too teach me lots of stuff buts let・s talk about my grandfather. My grandfather teach me many things, mostly he・s always keep talking to me in my days about how he will like to put and take care of the family he maybe wouldn't know, he teach me respect, for some reason I think he teach me that because he wanted his dream to come true from me he trusted me for taking care of those he may never know as a grandson or other members of my family, so he use to say some stuff about being honest. About respect my grandfather even used to say that in respect and honesty the future and life could be better at any time for my own family, friends, and maybe my own future kids if I have some that I・m not even interested in but for me he was someone who inspired me for it.
Now my conclusion is that I・m thankful for having and leading young people of my family to make a better future and so when I・m not here they can make that future keep going. Even that right now I・m behind my uncle because his funny and cool. And hi even in the military. But ill give word for my mother she is very nice and she tough me some stuff that I・m still following.

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