By terminator T.
Grade 9, Virginia

I appreciate many people who have done something for me. Most of all I知 thankful to my parents. There are many things that I知 thankful to them, but there are three good reasons why I知 most thankful. My parents provide me with education. They talk to me and give me advice. They also help me in English. Those are the three reasons that I知 thankful for them.
First, I知 thankful my parents for providing education to me. Thanks to them I learned to speak English to read and write. Then, they taught me math and English, now I知 good in algebra and English. Thanks to them I passed my grade, because they have helped me in my homework and to study for my test or quiz, also I have passed my sol test.
Second, my parents give me a lot of advice. They have talked to me about drugs, gangs and other things. They ask me if I use drugs have, drank or smoke, also my parents told me that drugs are bad for you, that can kill you and they can damage your brain. My parents ask me if I知 in a gang. They told me if I have drink alcohol, but they told me if I want to drink alcohol, I have to be 21 years old. So I am grateful to my parents for advising me about dangerous things.
Third, they have been like a teacher to me. For teaching me English. My parents did many things for me to learn English. When I came here I didn稚 speak English. They bought books for me and we read together, they even bought a computer for me to learn more English. Each day I have improved English; thanks to my parents I have learned English.
Finally, I知 thankful to my parents for providing me with education, they have help me in school and now I知 good in English and algebra, thanks to them in my future I could be a professional. I知 proud of them for doing a lot of things for me. I won稚 forget the things that my parents did for me.

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