By Danielle M.
Grade 9, Virginia

Everyone in the world is grateful for something. Some people are grateful for their families, friends or food. I am grateful for much, but I am most grateful for my best friend, named Milli. I am grateful for her, because she makes me smile, she helps me if I have some troubles, and she always listens to me.
When I was living in Germany, I met her. In 2006, my friend and I were in the city. We were looking in different stores for new clothes. Suddenly, a girl and her friend were asking us if we knew a girl called Sandra. Then we were talking for a long time. After a long time, they asked us if we wanted to do something with them on the weekend. We gave them our cell phone number. A couple days later, this girl called me and asked me again, so I said “Sure, why not?” Their names are Milli and Mert.
One day, I felt tension because of my mother. She was mad at me, because I earned a D in a Math test. I wasn’t allowed to go outside and meet friends for one week. In the afternoon, Milli and I were talking on the phone. I told her, that I wasn’t allowed to go outside for one week. She told funny stories and made me smile. I forgot my tensions.
On another day, I had some troubles with a friend, because I canceled our plans to go to the cinema. I talked with Milli about it and she said to me, I should call her and talk about it. I called her, but she didn’t change her mind. After the phone call, Milli said to me,” I shouldn’t worry,” she will fix it. Two days later, she wasn’t mad at me anymore, because Milli talked with her.
Milli always listens to me. She doesn’t care what I am talking about. For example, I often talk to her about a guy. I think I’m getting on her nerves about it. But she disagreed. She told me, she would listen to me about any topic. I am very grateful for having her.

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