By faviana p.
Grade 10, Virginia

I am thankful for the basic human necessities like health, happiness in life and a good safe home. Also Iím thankful for my parents for being in my life. Then my parents love me and they inspired me and they always give me great advice about people if they're bad or good persons. Also about the world, and also grateful that god send me good parents.

Even when I was a littler I was my parents littler princess. We always have a good and special relationship. I live with my mother and father and we spend time together every weekend. Also we spend time with our family. For example on Christmas, thanksgivings also in my birth day .every year in springtime we go to new places to visit like Boston Massachusetts because that is the place to visit our family. We also go to visit places like parks, malls and sculptures.

Another reason why Iím thankful is that I have another parent from my dad. I grow up with them and their names are Antonio and Teresa I love them so much. So I stay with them when I was 7 and until 10 years old. I stay with them because my mom and dad come to the United States. When I was with them I had a lot of freedom and a lot of fun. Every morning my dad Antonio took me to many places I want for example to the farm where he had animals and big trees of fruits like mangoes, grapes, bananas, watermelons. We used to go every morning like around 5 or 6 in the morning. Later I had a great time with my Teresa because I used to help her cook and clean the house every day at 3 or 4 in the afternoons. Used to help her because she was old and she couldnít do anything so I helped her in anything she needed. Also I used to helped my dad too because he needed help with washing his shoes and cleaning the leaves in the backyard. It was a lot of fun I miss them so much. I left my dad, Antonio, and my mom, Teresa in Honduras so I could come to United States to stay with my real parents and to know them better. So several months pass I heard my uncle talk with my aunt that my parents In Honduras had die. So I was surprised that they die so I was very sad and I miss them a lot because they were everything to me.

Since I came to United States my parents always planned special things for us to do. We like to go out to the mall, to buy, shoes clothes, rings. Also we always go to the Restaurants to eat sea food. For example fish, sushi, chicken, also fruit and desserts like chocolate and vanilla ice cream, brownies. I love to make my own food at my house. At my house I like to make chicken salad, Slurpees of strawberry, chicken soup, cake, bread. And my favorite thing to eat is Slurpees of strawberry and mango.
Finally that all I can tell about what Iím thankful and why? And Iím thankful for the basic human necessities like health also happiness in my life and a safe home. Also for my thankful parents for being in my life also they inspired me also for give me a great advise.

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