By luis sk8 R.
Grade 11, Virginia

What Iím grateful for

Being grateful mean feel happy or thankful for the things that life gives to you or sometimes people. I have three things that make me feel grateful. One of them is my life and is the reason that Iím alive, another is music and video games those are the things I love in my life, I think they're all really important to me because I couldnít have a good life without them, because I wouldnít be happy if these three things that Iím grateful doesnít exist in my life.

I will say that Iím thankful for my life because is the reason why Iím here in this planet, even though sometimes I feel like I donít want to be alive. Because you suffer in life and thatís not a good feeling, but live your life is always good because I enjoy every second of my life and it doesnít matter if Iím in trouble, I still enjoy those moments and there is another thing about being alive and is that I like to discover, and I like the way that the technology goes in my life I really enjoy that.

Music is one of those things that make feel good when I feel sad or bored, but listen to music have that kind of energy that goes into your head and you enjoyed a lot. I love the beat of the drum and many others instruments I like music so much that Iím taking music and computer technology in this school, and I learning a lot about music, and it feels great that Iím not just going to listen to someone else do. Because now I can create my own sounds and Iím really thankful for whoever had made music because is really great.

Video games make my life really fun and good I always had that attraction for games I like them so much that I spend many hours playing my favorite games sometimes by myself and sometimes with my friends. I think play video games is the best way to entertain myself when I donít have anything to do.

Finally Iím going to say that I have a really good and fun life, and thanks to music I feel like everything that is around me is better and I think that I wouldnít live without music, also video games make my life better because technology is one of the best things that human could create, and I enjoy that a lot and those are the reasons why Iím grateful for.

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