By keydi c.
Grade 11, Virginia

I知 thankful for lots things that god gave me. I知 so glad to have my parents with me. I知 thankful for: my parents because they brought to the United States, when I was living with them they always were really strict with me, they always gave extra love. I wish they could be with me forever.

I remember when my parents called to my sister and me to Honduras to let it us know that we were about to come to United States of America. I was so happy because I knew that I would be with them again. I never thought to see my parents again.

They always were really strict with me. They never allowed me to go out with my friends. I always had to be at home cleaning and cooking. I hate that because I needed to spend time with my friends. Now I知 free to go out wherever I want and whoever I want.

The good thing is that my parents always gave me extra love. They were understanding and sometimes very strict. They showed me how much they do love me. I want to be like them and keep it real just like them. If I build a family in the future I would be like my parents, I will give extra love to my babies. I don稚 know if I could be like them, but I値l try it.

I have more reasons but these are the most important in my life of what I知 thankful for. Those are some of the reasons that I can give you. Now I have to keep with my head up and never give up. God will help me to keep strongly mentally and physically.

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