By Jack A.
Grade 11, Virginia

Thanks is a special word, I mean kind of magic. We say thanks for every good thing that happens to us in our daily life. Thanks and thankful how common those words are, since we are growing up our parents have being teaching us how and when use the word thanks. But what am I thankful for? Thinking about it I can say in my life I have a lot of being thankful for, yet now I just want to talk about the most important one thatís my family.
Why is my family the most important grateful I have? I consider my family as the precious things I ever had. They make my daily life as ingredient in a food. Everyone of my family runs a main part of my life. I canít even imagine what I would be without them. My parents are the main pillars in my lovely and precious family; they are my strongest inspiration in life. Who has the best parents ever? I do.
When I feel lonely who is always there to help me to carry my sadness, my pain, when I have a broken heart those would the time that I most needed them and they have always being there. I know my parents arenít perfect because no one in life is perfect, but still having for me the highest value than any single material thing. Each day with their hard work, responsibility, love and patience they teach me, show me the way to a successful future. Because of that they mean everything to me.
I feel really fortunate for the things God brings me in life. But sometimes I feel like I donít deserve the kind of pleasant parents I have. Because on the times I have being done some bad thing that are making, my life worse. Every day when I felt and I see everything and everyone in my family is alright I give thanks God because they exist in my precious life.
In conclusion my limited words cannot show you just how great my parents are, and how thankful Iím about them. They are my extra grateful and the best gift God gave me in life.

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