By carolina c.
Grade 11, Virginia

I am very thankful for my friends, family and especially for my education. In the first paragraph I will talk about my family, after that my friends and for finish I will talk about my education. I am thankful was personal thing when each people decide thankful for all that having.
My first reason why I am thankful for my family is because they are there for me. Especially my grandma, she likes to cook for all of the family and I like to help her. She likes to speak with me and cook too. My grandma likes to call me :Carolina;. We always share our ideas, feeling, and dreams. I grew up with her.
The second thing I am thankful for are friend. I thank the LORD for all my friends and especially my friendships in school. My first friend in the school in U.S.A is Odalys. She helped me in my new school, and new life. The friendship is very important for many people. In especially for me. Odalys tells me all her, problems, and I can help her. I have one more friend who very special. She was born in the different country, she was born in China. The name of my especial friend is Sushan.
Finally I will talk about why I am thankful for my education. In the third paragraph.
Then my education is rather, because when I remember my grandma, she is very strict about education. I・m not going to the kinder garden. When I was 5 years old. My aunt she teach me and help me and learned (wrote, read).
After this I go to the school when I was 7 years old. I learned very fast. I love the school. My education continue more and in my person I liked help at other and I・m serious with person that don・t have confidence・s grow up with education fair, own of me.
In conclusion I thankful for all they have still, and the special days and not specially I thankful to GOD for all; my family, friends and education. For these things I say thank you.

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