By Wilmer o.
Grade 10, Virginia

I am glad and grateful with the person that always says things positives to me, I am also thankful for all the help time, also opinions that are important, when always happens something to me the only person who is there and talk to me and support in that time there just one person, that person is my mom. I am thankful for her, because sheís the only person that I have with me, she inspired to me be peaceful within, and gave me the freedom to speak up, without fear about what other people think. She always gives me great advice about challenges in the life. By example she tells me that I need to study, or prepare first and then think about girl and have a wife so, Iím glad for my mom.

One reason why I am grateful for her is because she inspired to me be peaceful within with words correct for me also, to be calm and peaceful. When Iím angry she tells me when Iím going to do something that is wrong like fight with my brother or with some of my friends, she interrupts me and starts to tell me a couple of words about my behavior, because maybe if Iím doing something that is wrong she tells me donít do that because is bad. She shows me the right way, talks to me alone without other people know that thatís why I love her and why Iím grateful for her.
Another reason why Iím grateful for her is because she gives me a lot of good advice, one of them is that, she tells me when I will have children, what I will need to do, also she tells me about marriage and more things about the life, and the most important the future, she is for my like a master that helps me.
She gives me a lot of great advice and great example, one of them is respect others people for they respect to me, and other advice is when Iím in school donít laughing to other student that not speak very well English so, she is best person that I have with me.
In conclusion my mom is a special person that always will stay for support me, also Iím thankful with a lot of people that help me a long time ago like all my cousins, aunts, grandpa, but Iím most person that Iím grateful is my mom because she bring to me, to this country, sheís the best that I never had, thatís why I love her and I will never forget that, she is the best!

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