By Selena R.
Grade 9, Virginia

The Pilgrims were thankful for being before kind of healthy, but then they were thankful for having food. What I am thankful for is for having good friends, for being healthy and for having a nice family.
When I was little I always wished have many friends. The ones that I could talk to when I get in trouble or just be there with me stand by my side and that is what I think I have now, good friends that I can trust to or just tell them what I am worry about.
Secondly, I am very grateful because I am healthy. I never got any contagious disease and if I get a little disease I just get more strength. And I am happy though, because I still living and that is something I always thanks for.
At last, Iíll write about why I am thankful for my family. And the reasons that I am thankful for them are; because they always understand me, when I have something that either myself could understand they do even if sometimes they are kind of unfair, (they ground me for no reason) but I still like them and I am thankful for the family that I have, for always being there for me to help me out, for advice me like, they tell me to donít do something because they know that it will get bad results.
My conclusion is that I am thankful for having many friends that I can talk to, for being healthy, and for having a good family that advice me and tries to understand me. And I think that is very important to everyone because some of them donít have family or health. And they might feel sad because they donít have any family member to talk to (a friend) even if they feel comfortable with being the kind of person that they are.

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