By katthy M.
Grade 10, Virginia

This Thanksgiving I am thankful forÖ
In my country El Salvador I never heard about Thanksgiving before. This year will be my first Thanksgiving. So what am I thankful for? I am thankful for my big family because they are there for me all the time. Secondly, I am thankful for my friends; for every single one of them. I am also thankful for God, because when I was very sick he kept me alive and he makes me a stronger girl.
Well I am thankful for my family because they are a united family, and always try to be together. For example when I get in trouble, I know they are going to help me. I am grateful because I donít have a family I have two great families. One family is my mom, my step father, and my little sister, and my other family is my dad, my step mom, my little sister, and the twins. So thatís why I am thankful for my family because I have two, and they are great and I love them.
Secondly I am grateful for my friends because God gave me great friends. I am thankful because some of them are very close to me, I appreciate my two best friends because when I feel really sad they try to make me feel better, but I am also thankful because when we are together in the school we have fun. I am so happy with my friends and I am thankful for that.

Other reason why I am thankful for God is because he loves me so much. This I know. When I was 13 years old I had typhoid fever and I almost died. I stayed in the hospital of El Salvador for 2 weeks. But God help me and made me a stronger girl. So I can trust in him because he makes me feel safe and protected. Nobody loves me like God. For every those reasons I am so thankful.
So in conclusion, I am thankful for my great family. Even though it is not the perfect family, they try to be united. Also I am thankful for my friends because I enjoy spending time with them. Finally I am thankful with God because he takes care of my family and, I know he can help me if I need him. So for those reasons and more, this thanksgiving I am thankful.

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